Hi, I am the Bcity Tire Service Manager and please feel free to call me Leo. I have many years expereince within the Tire and Tire Repair Industry. When the opportunity arose to helped start this company. I had 3 main objectives.

I am proud to say that through a lot of hard work by myself and my staff, we have achieved these 3 objectives.

We could raise our prices and build a more luxurious Tire Service Center, but we decided that we would best serve our customers by having the correct equipment, a great attitude and make Tires affordable.

Many of our customers come from personal recommendation and it pleases us to know that all our hard work is noticed and appreciated by our customers.

We work on all sorts of Tires from Trailer wheels to Commerical Vehicle Tires. Our staff are well trained and will be happy to assist you whatever your needs are.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bcity Tire Service and Sales, Inc.